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Quoteshwar is a Hindi (Indian Language) word, which literally means god of quotes.

Quoteshwar is primarily an online collection of motivational quotes , inspirational quotes , saying , stories an more but also contains images containing messages for festivals , religious, day wishes , jokes etc in both English and Hindi language. More and more subjects are being added up as per the audience likings under the strict monitoring by quality team.

The website was launched on 15th Aug 2019 and from the bottom of our heart we wish to thank you all visitors for the support that we are getting.

Our Motto

The Motto of this website is to spread positivity and motivation in one’s life as well as to encourage people to share inspirational things to others. When you browse our website you will find various categories under which you can see the things related to the category whether in the form of text , images or videos.

We are sure that when you will read the quotes they will definitely inspire your thoughts, will give you more knowledge and may also give you life lessons that will help you feel motivated, confident and energetic.


In case you have any suggestion and Inquiries to quoteshwar.com you can send us communication on contactquoteshwar@gmail.com and we will be in touch with you.


Team Quoteshwar

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