College Friendship(Friendship Stories)

Such a big city and a college in one corner of this city, room no. All that in 12. They had become like a memory, which could hardly be seen back together like this.

In the beginning, everyone looked new and innocent. But as time passed, everyone did not hold back in revealing their true form. Some of these new and innocent people met me and the journey started.

Due to this journey, we met many more, gradually everyone started feeling a sense of belonging. Time passed and that day too. But where was it known at that time that all these new faces would come so close that they would be separated in such a way that even getting back would not be possible.

All would meet in the college canteen to relieve stress from the college routine and one of us would have been selected to pay the canteen bills. Meeting everyone like this and celebrating birthday at the same place and planning an event. From all this, a new thread was formed between us, which would force everyone to live together.

Early in the morning, they left for the lab together with their bags and from there, college teacher classmates for classes, all this became like a new family. Many times the morning would start with a lot of respect (insult) when entering the practical lab. Putting ice cubes in everyone’s pockets in the lab Well, when one or two companions were involved in this honour, the heart would feel relieved.

Then after the lab, mixing at the college canteen and tea stall had become an important part of our life. In this way slowly the college full of adventure was coming towards the end of life. Meanwhile, the Fresher party, Farewell party and those radio advertisements in college would have given us a good opportunity to meet and spend time together.

When did the sense of belonging reach its peak in this exciting time? Didn’t even realize it.

Now the time has changed to receive farewell party instead of giving. Everyone started preparations for this celebration long before. Everyone had a good performance in the last celebration of this college. Finally the time came for everyone to say Good Baye to each other with moist eyes.

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