Fruits of hard work are always sweet

In a faraway village, lives a hardworking farmer who has grape fields. Year after year his grapery gives rich harvest, and the farmer becomes very successful. He has three sons, who are young and energetic but never bother to work. As the farmer grows old, he begins to worry about his sons’ future.

Then he falls very ill and realizes his death is fast approaching. He calls the sons and tells them,

“Dear sons, I see my death nearing me, but before I bid goodbye to all of you, I want to share a secret. There is a treasure hidden under the fields. Dig the entire field after my death, to find it.”

The old farmer dies, and his sons perform the last rites. The sons begin to dig for the treasure without leaving any part of the field but find nothing. However, their digging of the field leads to a healthy crop and results in huge earnings. These earnings make the sons realize what their father meant.

Moral Of The Story:

Hard work always pays off. Fruits of hard work are always sweet whether or not they are in the form you desire.

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