we try, then no work is impossible.(Motivational Story)

Long time ago, there were two friends and they loved each other very much. Rahul was ten years old and Raj was seven years old, both of them always used to go for a walk together.

It is a matter of one day that both of them went for a walk that they saw a well, both of them ran very fast to see it. Then what was it, both reached there and started peeping in the well. It was a very quiet place, where no one was there even far and wide, only these two were friends.

Both were peeping in the well when Rahul’s foot slipped and he fell in the well. Seeing Rahul fall in the well, Raj started shouting loudly and said, someone save Rahul. When no one came, Raj felt that Rahul would drown now, he saw that a bucket was tied with a rope next to the well.

He immediately threw that bucket in the well and said Rahul, grab it. Rahul also grabbed that bucket and Raj started pulling the rope vigorously towards him and after a long time, Rahul came out.

Then both of them hugged each other and said that after walking at home, they tell this to everyone. Then what was it, both of them came to the house and started telling everyone, what was then, after listening to both of them, the whole locality started laughing and said – Raj is so small, how can he save Rahul.

There was a very old grandfather who was listening very carefully to the words of these two friends. When everyone became silent, they said that these boys are right. Everyone was surprised and started looking at grandfather and said – how?

Then Grandfather told that when Rahul was drowning then there was no one far and wide, and Raj had understood that now only he can save Rahul and he also tried his best and finally succeeded. Happened too. Everyone became very happy after listening to Dada ji and gave a lot of love to Raj.


Friends, similarly it happens in our life that we are afraid of some work that we will not be able to do, but if we try, then no work is impossible.

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