Love Quotes For Her

One day you will know that I like you more than anyone in this world.

I never searched but I found you
I never asked but I have you
I never wished for anything but it come true
I just to thank God For Giving me such a lovely wife like you…..!

Why I am luckiest person on this world? Because, I have you.

I am in love with every moment I spend with you.

When I look into your eyes
I know I have found the mirror
of my own soul.

I just want to make you happy
Because you are the reason
that I am so happy.

There are only two things,
that i want to be with you
now and forever.

Fall in love with someone
who deserve your heart not
someone who plays with it.

I can conquer the world with one hand
as long as you are holding the others.

Love is sweet when its new,
but sweeter when its true.

The best love story is when you fall in love
with the most unexpected person.

Even though we are million miles away.
We will always be together.

Just seeing your smile
makes me feel better inside.

Don’t promise me the moon or the stars,
just promise you will stay
under them with me forever.

I want an honest relationship.
no secrets. no lies. no cheating.

Don’t make me an option,
When I’ve made you my priority.

Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired.

You are every reason,
every hope and every dream I’ve ever had.

Listen to my little heart.
It always says your name with every heartbeat.

Dear heart, please fall in love only when you’re ready,
not when you’re lonely.

Love is not what the mind thinks,
but what the heart feels.

I need you like a heart needs a beat.

True Love never dies
it only gets stronger with time.

If love is true.
It will always find a way.

Being in LOVE is like Being DRUNK.
No control over what you do.

Love the one who loves you
not the one whom you love.

Love is blind but beautiful.

The spaces between your fingers
are meant to be filled with mine.

True love isn’t love at first sight
but love at every sight.

Sometimes you just need to maintain
a distance to keep them close to you.

True love doesn’t have a happy ending,
because True love never ends…

My love for you is like a circle,
it has no end.

We are more than friends
but less than a couple.

We fall in love by chance.
We stay in love by choice.

Love begins with a smile,
grows with a kiss,
and ends with a teardrop.

Love means exposing yourself to the pain
of being hurt by someone you trust.

Love never fail.
we fail to love.

Love never dies..
only the lover changes.

Love can’t be found
Where it doesn’t exist.

She loves me or not
but I love her a lot.

Your Love Is Like Wine;
I Want To Get Drunk.

I love you more than there are stars
in the sky and fish in the sea.

The best feeling is when you look at the one
you love and they’re already looking at you.

You think you’re one of millions
but you’re one in a million to me.

My heart is perfect because..
you are inside.

When I talk to you i fall
in love over and over again.

I want you today and tomorrow
and next week and for the rest of my life.

Can I borrow a Kiss?
I promise I’ll give it back.

The person loves you more will fight
with you daily without any reason.

I want someone who comes into my life
by accident and stays on purpose.

Love is the only thing that control
every single emotion you have.

Love is master key of opening
a gate of happiness.

Honestly, I don’t have time to hate people
who hate me cause I’m too busy
loving people who love me.

Everybody knows how to love,
but only few people know
how to stay in love
with one person forever.

No matter what you do!
Cause you are my forever!
And nothing you do will make my stop loving you.

Place your time and energy on someone
who will add sunshine to your life.
Life is too short to waste on the wrong one.

Thank you for coming into my life.
For letting me feel this love that I have for you.
Because not everybody is as lucky as I am…
To be loved by you!

I will love you forever.
No matter what happens I’ll be there.
Distance couldn’t take us apart –
it will make us closer.
Because true love waits & never surrenders.

You are one of those beautiful things
that happened to my life
and made my life worthwhile.

Every friendship doesn’t change into love
but every love begins with friendship.

I always pray to God to tie us
in a sacred knot so that
we spend each and every moment together.

True love is when she talks non- stop
and you are still interested
in listening to her.

I don’t know if I like you or love you,
want you or need you,
all I know is I love the feeling
I get when I’m near you.

If you expect something in return,
It’s called business, not love.

Insomnia can be a blessing
if you have someone to talk with,
the whole night..

I don’t need a burning sun and
a cooling moon to show me my way.
Just want you to hold me whenever I tumble.

Everyone thinks that love hurts..
But love never hurts..
Rejection hurts.. Loneliness hurts..
Love is the only feeling which covers all the pain.

There may be a million things to smile about,
but you are definitely my favorite one.

We fight like a married couple,
talk like best friends,
and flirt like first loves..

Life can give us lot of beautiful persons,
But only one person is enough for a beautiful life..

Last night I hugged my pillow and dream of you.
I wish that someday I’d dream
about my pillow and I’d be hugging you.

I have tested all sweet dishes
but they are not sweet as my lover is.

Love is like a rubber band
held at both ends by two people,
when one leaves it, other gets hurt.

Love is the mixture of trust love and care…
Without this is just like a phone with a dead battery..

All love stories are beautiful
but ours is my favorite.

Love is the perfect feeling
that makes two imperfect people
perfect for each other..

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